Synoris Meeting with management:
Synoris management held the meeting with their employees at every third Monday of the month.
May 21, 2012:
The management meeting with employees had reviewed the work of employees in a month and the progress of Synoris and had take the decision about what changes should be needed for the Quality, Work Problems and Healthy Environment and premises. Our management is very friendly with their employees. They always appreciate the work and listen to the problems and fix it soon.
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June 4, 2012:
Recently on June first Monday we had the meeting with the employees. Synoris employees work as family and we are the family members. In meeting we took the feedback from our team and ask about their professional progress, personal progress and personal issue. We always support our team. Also discuss about their knowledge of technology and issues on projects and resources.
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Excursion at Nakhrali Dhani :
April 15-2012 :
“You do your best work if you do a job that makes you happy and fresh...”
“Work with Fun” That is what Synoris mainly believe in. that’s why we never forget to enjoy after work. Synoris had the picnic in April second week for celebrating the team work and productivity. We excel in an environment that has proper guidance good communication and great teamwork.The journey of Nakhrali is start with gathering at office then whole team forward to spot at bus which is buzzing with songs sung by teammates together. Dance on shower and fun at swimming pool was awesome experience. Team had the great fun at nakhrali.
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Recent Birthday Party :
24 June 2012 :
"Recently Synoris had an outing at natural place near Mhow at our Asst. HR Aniket Gujrathi’s birthday party. This was an awesome party because we gathered at form house where we had cooked the food together. We had decided pure malwi menu for our party (dal, baffle, sabji, salad, chtnei). As Aniket Gujrathi was the birthday boy in the party we all took the cake for him from ‘Celebrations’. The cake was YUMMY and the food cooked by our team was very delicious, that also proves that we had very good cook in our team. Than after we played lots of game tambola, damshraz..Etc. Also we won gifts in some games which are distributed by the behalf of Synoris. That day monsoon was also favoring our trip and at the end of the trip we enjoy the long drive to our place."
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Website Audit

Site audits are one of the most important tasks done by an SEO professional, and sometimes you need to do one very quickly. The preparation of an SEO Site Audit is not an easy task. They range from a brief assessment; perceive a mammoth document of more than 50-60 pages that can take a month or more to build and
understand all the Technical terms such as Keyword, Links, Accessibility, Duplicate Content, and Title Tags etc. The SEO audit produces the report on state or health of a Website. Remember one thing always “The audit may identify problems but the problems should not be fixed during the audit”. If someone comes up with some harsh website in condition that it-will-end-if-we-don’t-fix-this-now scenario that “justifies” making changes during the audit then these radical changes should be also done very carefully but it would be best to defer them until after the audit. For auditing a website we must consider following points:

Link Binding

Link Binding is a process of establishing effective, relevant, inbound links to your website or group page which help your website or page to achieve not only higher ranking but also more visitors with the major search engines and drive targeted traffic to your site. It is not the quantity of inbound links to your web-site or pages that help you rank well but rather then Key point is quality of those links. And for this you need SEO techniques. Today’s day is growing fast with new technology. A user with a smart phone has different usage patterns to search the web like, or Google Maps and Many More.
For Quick results you Must Have Local Listing feature to your website Like for Google Map to Search address mention on your site. If you have a private website for any business then listing of this site must be accurate so it can attract more people with such features. Your site becoming more and more visible if you have proper Google Places listings, especially those that are “owner verified” .

Social Bookmarking

As by name it is clear that social bookmarking is a method for manage bookmarks of web pages on the Internet with the help of tags or keywords. This is very helpful to users in accessing bookmarks from any computer with online access. Now a day’s Social bookmarking has become a great tool to attract the peoples and generate web presence and promoting a website or business on all over world through Internet.

Keyword text and Keyword URL

As we already discussed that it is important to have a good smattering of the anchor text on your website and backlinks. They contain keywords that you have targeted for your businesses keywords strategy. As you know your backlinks should be aligned with a professional Internet Marketing Strategy according to our needs. We must have to see the redirection of non-www versions pages to the www version of pages (or vice-versa). Also look for pages that are referred to by more than one URL.
As we know that some big sites have thousands of pages across the site that is referred by more than one URL. This can lead to Google reporting highly inflated numbers for indexed pages so we must review these things carefully. One way to help and sort out these kinds of problems for very popular keyword searches is to put individual keywords in the URL’s of different website pages. Google gives this some attention and can have an impact on your SEO ranking for particular keywords with keyword-url.

Intelligent Use of Title Tags and Meta tags

Now days Google Webmaster Tools can give a quick report on duplicate title tags, missing title tags, short title tags, and similar data for your Meta descriptions. Duplicate title tags can lead to "keyword cannibalization" where more than one page on your site competes for ranking on the same search term on same site also known as problem of duplicate content. In addition to looking for duplicate title tags, make sure that your keywords are the first words in the title tag, these things play an important role in ranking of site so done very carefully. Google now pays less attention to the Keyword Meta tags for indexing and other purposes, but the Title and Description tags are still quite important for top ranking. If you do want to manage to get a good rank for a web page, whatever you put in your description and title tags may be easily visible to the searcher and must be understandable to him. It is probably what’s going to entice them to click on that URL in the first place so must be make according to searcher point of view.

Body text

Text is an important thing in website as it shows the points which you want to tell the visitors. A web page with large Flash animations and graphics usually seen on corporate websites with lots of photographs, these are the best example of how to not optimize your website for Search Engines. Search engines as Google have difficulty to reading the text in a graphics and Flash Animations. In most cases there is no need for using graphic buttons or image maps in the navigation links or Flash animation. You should optimize your web pages according to new SEO technology by using keyword phrases, so the search engines will know what products or services that you are selling or want to show to visitors. So it is good to start sentences with your keyword phrases so search engine can easily understand it. SEO experts write keyword-rich content that focuses on the ‘theme’ for that particular page, while avoiding spamming of keywords and links on the search engines with extraneous keywords.