Synoris Meeting with management:
Synoris management held the meeting with their employees at every third Monday of the month.
May 21, 2012:
The management meeting with employees had reviewed the work of employees in a month and the progress of Synoris and had take the decision about what changes should be needed for the Quality, Work Problems and Healthy Environment and premises. Our management is very friendly with their employees. They always appreciate the work and listen to the problems and fix it soon.
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June 4, 2012:
Recently on June first Monday we had the meeting with the employees. Synoris employees work as family and we are the family members. In meeting we took the feedback from our team and ask about their professional progress, personal progress and personal issue. We always support our team. Also discuss about their knowledge of technology and issues on projects and resources.
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Excursion at Nakhrali Dhani :
April 15-2012 :
“You do your best work if you do a job that makes you happy and fresh...”
“Work with Fun” That is what Synoris mainly believe in. that’s why we never forget to enjoy after work. Synoris had the picnic in April second week for celebrating the team work and productivity. We excel in an environment that has proper guidance good communication and great teamwork.The journey of Nakhrali is start with gathering at office then whole team forward to spot at bus which is buzzing with songs sung by teammates together. Dance on shower and fun at swimming pool was awesome experience. Team had the great fun at nakhrali.
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Recent Birthday Party :
24 June 2012 :
"Recently Synoris had an outing at natural place near Mhow at our Asst. HR Aniket Gujrathi’s birthday party. This was an awesome party because we gathered at form house where we had cooked the food together. We had decided pure malwi menu for our party (dal, baffle, sabji, salad, chtnei). As Aniket Gujrathi was the birthday boy in the party we all took the cake for him from ‘Celebrations’. The cake was YUMMY and the food cooked by our team was very delicious, that also proves that we had very good cook in our team. Than after we played lots of game tambola, damshraz..Etc. Also we won gifts in some games which are distributed by the behalf of Synoris. That day monsoon was also favoring our trip and at the end of the trip we enjoy the long drive to our place."
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